Why Do We Need Credit Union Brochures?

Credit union brochures are a simple but effective way to showcase your credit union’s products and services to your members. Sure, you can describe them in-person or online, but nothing beats a well-designed and information-packed brochure. They are quick, easy and affordable, plus your members will appreciate having your products and services at the tips of their fingers. Instead of limiting your brand to the walls of your credit union, give your future members something they can take home with them – a tangible resource they can reference in the future!

Simple and straightforward, credit union brochures are a guaranteed way of reinforcing your brand image and staying relevant in the minds of your members. Depending on your company’s needs and goals, they can cover a variety of topics from online banking to membership and new accounts to auto loans-the options are limitless!

Let’s take the topic, membership and new accounts, for example. Brochures are the perfect method of reigning in new members because they offer ample space. In comparison to, say, postcards, brochures give you the room you need to sway members with the advantages of joining your credit union. Delve into the perks, but avoid rambling on with large chunks of text, which may only intimidate your audience. Instead, try listing them out in bullet point form-a much cleaner approach!

In addition to covering a lot of ground, credit union brochures are completely customizable! Depending on the amount of information you would like to convey, they can be 2-panel, 3-panel, even 6-panel! Plus, if you feel like straying from the simple, you can jazz them up with glossy paper or die-cut designs. With a variety of sizes and styles, credit union brochures are a tried and true approach to spreading the word about your company.

In the end, the key to a successful brand-building brochure is balance. Incorporate a combination of images and text, but shy away from being too information heavy! Wow your members with an eye-catching design on the front panel, and save your content for the inside panels. Provide enough facts for them to react, but don’t bore them with every single detail. Remember, your ultimate goal is to compel your members to seek out your credit union, so don’t forget to include a call-to-action, whether it is a phone number, web address, or directions at the bottom.