Credit Union Marketing Made Easy

If you work in credit union marketing – or any kind of marketing, for that matter – you’ve no doubt heard the argument that marketing is an art rather than a science. After all, there’s certainly no foolproof, straightforward formula one can follow to guarantee a campaign’s success. Nor is there any accurate predictor to truly gauge how an audience will respond to a marketing initiative or advertisement. And even when a marketing campaign does achieve success, oftentimes there’s no one who can really explain why – or what – made it work. Instead, people refer vaguely to “luck” or simply “being in the right place at the right time.”

Because of these kinds of attitudes, marketing has gradually taken on a somewhat magical, mystical quality. And so-called marketing experts (those who have experienced repeated success) are viewed as having almost supernatural powers. The good news, though, is that while it’s true marketing doesn’t come with a formula – there are some easy-to-follow guidelines that can at least point your credit union marketing campaign in the right direction. Just follow the tips below!

#1: Be consistent with your brand identity.
Obviously, your credit union’s logo should be on every piece you create, but keep in mind your brand identity extends far beyond just your logo. Work on creating a consistent set of design elements you can use on all your credit union marketing pieces to make them even more instantly recognizable. And don’t worry about becoming locked in to a certain look or feel, because portraying a consistent image is actually one of the best things you can do to make your credit union marketing pieces memorable for audiences.

#2: Provide an incentive.
Even the world’s most powerful, persuasive, well-written call-to-action can’t generate response rates as successfully as an enticing giveaway. Use this to your advantage when planning your next credit union marketing campaign. Whether you give out small gifts to each responding member – like a $5 Target® or Starbucks® gift card – or offer entry into a grand prize drawing for cash or an iPad®, you’ll find incentives can serve as a powerful motivator for your members.

#3: Joke around.
Don’t have a single funny bone in your body? Don’t worry. Your credit union marketing pieces don’t necessarily have to be laugh-out-loud funny to elicit the benefits of this trick. Instead, think of it as going for a lighthearted approach. Many people associate financial institutions with being uptight or even a little bit snooty, so chances are good that audiences will appreciate your efforts to instead market yourself as more of a helpful financial pal or partner. Plus, putting people in a positive mood when they view your marketing materials doesn’t hurt either!

So go ahead – use these top three tips on your next campaign and experience credit union marketing made easy!